Printer Issues 

NOTE:  If the title on this form does NOT appear in the center of your screen, please click on the refresh icon.  It should refresh and be much more readable.

Please use this form to report an issue with a printer.  This could be out of toner, printer jammed, or any other issue encountered when using one of our printers.  After filling this out, I/T will receive a ticket and take care of your issue as quickly as possible.  Please only report 1 issue per report.  For instance, if the printer is jammed and ALSO out of staples, please fill out two trouble tickets.

  1. Personal Information

    Please enter your first name as it is listed on your City ID card.

    Please enter your LAST name as it appears on your City ID card.

    Please enter your Employee ID number which is found on the back of your City ID card.

    Please enter your KCFD email address so that we may report back to you when the issue has been resolved.

    Please enter a valid phone number in the ###-###-#### format so that we might contact you for clarification of the issue with the printer.

    Please enter your manager's email address (or name if you don't know the email address) so that they can be notified in case anyone else reports to them the same issue with the printer.  They will be copied on any emails associated with this issue.

    Please indicate whether you have notified your manager of the issue.  If you have, please inform them that you have also submitted a ticket to the KCFD IT Department.  If not, please do so.  If you are the Manager, thank you!

  2. Printer Information

    Please indicate the manufacturer of the printer you are enter this report on.

    If this printer is a Konica-Minolta printer, please indicate the KM # (ie. 9460 ####) associated with it.  This is located on a label on the printer with the Konica-Minolta support line phone number on it.

    If you are unsure of which printer to choose, please choose "Other Printer" and put the location description in the "Additional Information" box below.

    If a contact phone number for your location is different that the phone number you listed above, please include it here with the following format:  ###-###-####.


  3. Issue with Printer

    Please choose the issue you are having with the printer.  If the issue is NOT listed, please choose "Other Issue not listed" and then describe the issue in the "Additional Information" box below.

    Please indicate the urgency in which this problems needs to be resolved.

    Please enter printer information if you did not select the exact printer from the list above.  We need printer Manufacturer, Model, the Location of the printer and if it's attached directly to a computer or it's a network printer.

    Please also enter any additional information that you can think of that might be helpful in diagnosing the problem.